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Diosdado Hernandez

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Our Story

In 1986, seven Filipino-American couples in San Francisco, California reflected on the situation of their poor Filipino kababayans and asked themselves, "What can we possibly do to help our fellow Filipinos back home?". With that sentiment, these couples banded together, used their own resources and utilized their skills to create a program of action. Armed with the fervent desire to help and their faith on the capabilities of their fellow Filipinos and the belief that these poor families if given the right tools will put their skills to work and spring into action, their journey back home to the Philippines begun and consequently the creation of non-profit organization called Save A Tahanan.

Our Guiding Principles


- Mobilize resources to improve the lives of families through training and microfinancing and to empower them as responsible members of the community.


- Promote self-sufficient and stable families, leading communities to develop opportunities and collective solutions to issues of poverty, and upholding respect for all people of economic levels.


- STI believes that a self-sufficient tahanan (home) is the foundation of a strong society. It is guided by the principles of sharing and participation that instills accountability.

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